Courses Taught

I've taught undergraduate literature and writing courses since 2011 at varied institutions, including a community college, small liberal arts colleges, and a state school. I have particular expertise in British literature of the eighteenth century (especially women's literature), although I also teach fictions of science broadly conceptualized, including contemporary sci-fi and YA, as well as historical texts. I currently teach eighteenth-century British literature at Cornell College.

I am particularly interested as an educator in exploring how writing and literature pedagogy can best inform one another, and how they can be successfully integrated in the modern classroom. I employ digital media techniques, classic humanistic skills, and creative assignments and assessment to best serve the needs of my students. I also believe strongly in supporting the whole student, at whatever stage of their educational journey they may be in.

I have listed here below some courses I have taught or will teach.

Literature & Upper-Level Courses

  • Eighteenth-Century British Literature (Upper-Level Course)

  • Queering the Restoration (Upper-Level Course)

  • British Literature of the Romantic Era (Upper-Level Course)

  • Grammar & Politics of the English Language (Upper-Level Course)

  • Introduction to Literary Studies (Sophomore-Level Course)

  • Shakespeare (Upper-Level Course)

Writing Courses & First-Year Seminars

  • Advanced Critical Writing (Upper-Level Course)

  • FYS: Women's and Gender Studies

  • FYS: Bodily Narratives: Disability, Illness, and Literature

  • FYS: Science Fiction & Science Fact

  • FYS: Challenging Boundaries: Travel Literature & Identity Formation

  • FYS: Utopian Fiction

  • FYS: Young Adult Literature

  • Expository Writing


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