Student Comments

  • “I believe that the essays I wrote this semester made me develop as a writer and critical thinker. I loved this class.”

  • “She made the class interesting and engaging. It made me a much stronger thinker…I’ve become a much better writer this semester.”

  • “She was so helpful in helping me to develop college-level skills while still supporting me. I loved the discussion based class and her teaching was very dependent upon students being willing to learn and discuss ideas.”

  • “She took us out of our comfort zones. She challenged us through readings and discussion.”

  • “She is an excellent teacher. Very passionate and inspiring.”

  • “The instructor balanced fun and learning perfectly, making projects challenging yet still giving us a voice.”

  • “The readings all challenged my intellect and made me think more on my responses to those readings.”

  • “I think she is an amazing teacher. She’s very understanding and nice. She respects us as people and is willing to help as much as possible.”

  • “Thank you so much for being accessible and for working with me, especially in the respectful and kind manner you handled the complications with my disability.”

  • “She was a fantastic teacher who made class enjoyable.”

  • “Professor Sagal is an excellent teacher! She knows how to make English interesting for non-English students and can still keep potential English majors interested and challenged at the same time. She has been a great help both inside and outside of class.”


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